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The Futurity and Maturity are ESAA created competitions which take place in conjunction with the yearly National Specialty Show and which offer cash prizes. As a general guide, you can think of the Futurity as open to only those dogs that are between the ages of 6 months and 18 months. The Maturity takes place two years after a dog’s Futurity year and is open to only those dogs that were eligible for their Futurity. Unlike regular classes or sweepstakes however, you cannot enter the Futurity or Maturity unless the breeder and owners have complied with the Futurity and Maturity Rules of Eligibility. There is no entry fee for Futurity and Maturity competition. The Premium List for the ESAA National Specialty will have detailed instructions on how to enter the Futurity and Maturity.

How do you know which Futurity and/or Maturity Class you will be in?
The Futurity Chair will provide you with this information, but you can also use the guideline below, based on what month the puppy(ies) were born:

Mar - Apr - May will be in the 15-18 Futurity class of the following year

Jun - Jul - Aug will be in the 12-15 Futurity class of the following year

Sep - Oct - Nov will be in the 9-12 Futurity class of the following year

Dec – will be in the 6-9 Futurity class of the following year

Jan - Feb will be in the 6-9 Futurity class of their birth year

Maturity classes are exactly the same as Futurity, but 2 years later.

For more information, please contact
Sandy Miller, Chairman - ESAA Futurity / Maturity
24562 McCutcheonville Road, Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419)873-5399 / (email)

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